Gable Log Homes uses Deep Swamp Red Cypress, Northern White Cedar and Eastern White Pine 6x8 and 8x8 logs. 

At Gable we have put our 26 years of experience in milling log homes to work in perfecting several new log profiles that do not require exposed caulking or chinking to seal between the logs. 

This was accomplished by developing unique tongue and groove log systems with overlapping log joints similar to the time-proven joints used in lap siding. 

These new log profiles allow us to put the gasket seal where it should be - out of the weather and in between the tongue and grooves where it should last indefinitely. 

Those of you who have ever put up a log home package that required caulking or chinking between the logs, to keep the home weather tight, will appreciate the initial labor savings. You will absolutely love not having to try to maintain thousands of feet of caulking or chinking over the years to keep the weather out of your home! 

Another design feature we're sure you will appreciate is the way that we now mill our round Pioneer log mortise and tenon corners. Our new mill incorporates a unique two-step milling process that allows us to not only have tongue and grooves between the logs, but also to have neat smooth log corners without tongue and grooves showing. 

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