The crackling flames in a stone fireplace, the sounds of a babbling brook outside your bedroom window, or the cathedral ceiling loft that makes you feel like you're back in your old tree house - you tell us what you want in your new Gable Log Home and our skilled designers will capture your vision on blueprints.

If one of the plans on this website catches your eye but you would like to make some changes - relax, we will move window and door locations and shift interior walls to suit your fancy with no additional increase to your log package price.

For revisions that affect material quantities we would be delighted to furnish you with a detailed quotation at no charge.

If you are interested in a custom home, take time to fill out and submit our pricing request form and we will contact you with pricing for a custom home designed just for you.

Thank you for visiting our website and hope to hear from you soon.

For most folks, one of the most exciting prospects of a new log home is being able to build a personalized home that suits your lifestyle and preferences instead of settling for an existing home designed around someone else's tastes. Send us sketches of your dream home and our designers will capture your vision on preliminary blueprints.

See Current Price List for Custom Preliminary Plans and Prices.

For a free custom quotation please contact us!

NOTE: All Gable Log Home plans can be crafted in your choice of Appalachian, French Canadian or Pioneer style log packages. All plans can be modified to suit your individual lifestyle - ask your Gable Log Homes representative for assistance in modifying plans or in creating your own custom plan.